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Falls River 4th July Parade photos are found here at the Sword Events page. Lots of cool photographs of children's bikes, snow cones and fun. (No password required).

Event Book 2011 for the Falls River Racers Swim Team

The Falls River Racers Swim Team Event Book 2011 is still available for order through the month of August for the bargain price of $19.99. We will send the Falls River Event Book 2011 to the printers on September 1st 2011. So make sure your order is in by the end of August for this great memory booklet. Go order your kids a memory!

SWORD Photos welcomes you to the swimming action photography for the Falls River Swim Club and Guests. This website has examples, posters and links to our products.

We aim to complete all Falls River Racers orders over the first two weeks of August 2011.

It is amazing to see the enthusiasm of the children racing. Swimming photographs are available to SwimMeet+ members. SwimMeet+ for 6-14-11, 6-21-11 and 7-5-11 are now up online. Purchase a SwimMeet+ membership and have the photographers follow your children.

SWORD Photography LLC - Swimming Poster
Kathleen showing great form in the swimming pool. Go Racers!


SwimMeetPlus 6-14-11
SWORD's Falls River SwimMeet+ action photography


SWORD Photos Swimming Butterfly
Vinyl 2x4 ft. Banner of 11 year old swimmer


Savannahs Swimming Poster 2011
16x20 inch poster

Overview of 2011 Photography

We look forward to this summer's photography, meeting new families, children, working with Coach Derek and his dedicated team, producing memorable prints, products and action photos. Examples of this years' posters are on the Gallery page. And, as we get new posters made, and with the parents permission, we will add them to the Gallery page and put them up at the clubhouse.

SWORD Photos is available to take posed action photographs at the pool by making a booking with us. Posed Action photography is the chosen method to get multiple high quality images of your children. The Posed Action Poster booking gets your child half an hour of action photography with the SWORD photographer at the pool. The posed action photographs are used to make your 16x20 inch poster composites. We also capture super portraits at the same time.

Season 2011 Video Montage

Photographs from the swim meets will be made into a spectacular end of season video montage and hopefully, with sponsorship by local businesses, given out to every parent shortly after the end of season. We aim to have this ready by September 1st.

Sponsorship by Local Businesses

We are looking for local businesses to sponsor this video montage and if you would like to sponsor this special montage, then please contact SWORD Photography.

Team Photo

Thank you to everyone for being present at the Falls River 2011 Team photograph on Tuesday June 14th.

Portraiture is one of SWORD Photography's specialities. The individual portrait can then be used with the team photo to make a wonderful 8x10 inch Memory Mate (see product page).

Please Contact SWORD with any Questions.

See more posters on the Gallery page.


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